Different Levels of Tanning

At Larry Paul Tanning Spa we offer different levels of tanning to boost your UVA/UVB penetration. The different rays will enhance your glow and deepen your tan. With such a variety, you can switch up your normal tanning routine and develop the richest color possible.

  • Base Level Tanning
    • Unlimited and FREE to all members
    • Facial Tanners in equipment
    • Typically used to achieve a base tan
    • Stand up equipment available as well as traditional beds
  • Build Level Tanning
    • Upgrade to a larger bed and relax with more space
    • More tanning bulbs to illuminate more intensely
    • Higher UVA levels to reach deeper skin layers for a long lasting tan
    • Stand up equipment available as well as traditional beds
  • Bronze Level Tanning
    • Pamper yourself with a roomy environment and cooling fans
    • Define your base tan with more bronzing bulbs for a long lasting tan
    • The highest level of upgrade that is non-high pressure
  • Signature Line Tanning
    • High pressure tanning
    • The most extreme level of tanning available
    • Modern equipment designed to give you the ultimate experience and color


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*equipment varies by location

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