Making your tan last longer is easier than ever. We all know it's important to switch up the tanning equipment you are tanning in and to alternate tanning lotions to achieve darker results. However, what products you apply outside the tanning booth is equally as important as what products you're using while you tan. Keeping your skin healthy and moisturized is one of our strongest suggestions to achieve the best results. However, some moisturizers are highly perfumed or contain other harsh properties that don't help you hold your bronze glow. Think about it- why tan your skin only to use harsh products daily that ultimately stunt our bronzing results? ...It just doesn't add up!

Don't worry- there's hope! Tanning extenders are specialized to do exactly what the name indicates: it actually extends your tan. Tan extenders provide qualities above and beyond what a generic lotion will offer your skin. As tanners, we should use tanning products that will nourish and assist our skin- NOT work against it. Each day, everyone's skin loses moisture, vitamins and nutrients. Tan extender lotions and moisturizers are designed to supplement what we lose on a daily basis. Superior skincare truly is the most important factor when expecting results.

Invest in your skin. See the best results. Feel the difference.

Ask your local Larry Paul Tan Care Professional for information on tan extender products to nourish your skin and extend your tan. 

Authorhollee yates